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Build a Flourishing Brand Online – Part 1: Brand Foundations

This post is the first in a series of eight posts focused on building, growing and scaling a successful personal brand online. The eight topics that I’ll be covering are below and I’ll link to these articles as they go live so that you can follow the entire series.

  1. Brand Foundations
  2. Ideal Client
  3. Messaging
  4. Signature Offer
  5. Visual Identity
  6. Website
  7. Marketing Strategy
  8. Client Experience

So what makes a successful brand? I’m going to cover these topics in this series but essentially a successful online brand is clear and consistent.

Clear on their audience. Consistent on their messaging. Clear on their signature offer. Consistent in their visual identity. Clear on their marketing strategy. Consistent in their visibility.

At the start of all of this, is something I call Brand Foundations. I like to use the analogy that if you try and build a house without laying down the foundations, it just won’t happen. The same goes for your business.

The first step in defining your brand foundations is truly understanding your purpose. Knowing why you wake up every day, show up in your business and serve and support your clients is essential to your success.

Let’s face it, we are all in business to make money. Money gives us the freedom to be able to live our best life. It gives us the flexibility to take time off when we want to, to travel the world, to spend more time with family. Whilst making money is a priority for any business,  this does little to make your brand stand out from others in your industry. You need to have a passion for what you do and a purpose for showing up every day.

These four steps will help you define your brand’s position in the market and are essential to building, growing and scaling a successful personal brand online.

1. Determine Your Mission

Developing your mission statement is a key step in the journey of building and growing a personal brand. Your mission statement is your core purpose and focus for your business.

Ask yourself, who do you serve and what do you do for them? Next, ask yourself how you do it? Finally ask yourself, why you do it.

These four questions should form the basis of your mission statement. A mission statement should tell others what you do how you do it, who you do it for and why you do it.  

2. Map Out Your Vision

Having a vision for your business gives you something to work towards and get excited about. It gives your business a bigger purpose.

Having a vision statement will bring you more success than not having one. It’s not something you should write once and then forget about though. Print it off and put it somewhere you can see it. If you have a team, remind them about it frequently so you are all on the same journey.

When making plans for your business, ask yourself, does this help me in working towards my vision? If it doesn’t, ask yourself why. Is it that your vision is changing or is it that it just simply isn’t a good fit.

To map out your vision, I encourage you to dream big. What is your vision for your business in the next three to five years? If you could jump to the future, where would you want your business to be? Allow yourself to dream bigger than you ever have before.

I encourage my clients to think about the bigger picture when they are working with me as it’s important that the brand that I support them in creating, not only works now but works three years down the line.

For example, if I have a client who is currently working 1:1 with clients but wants to introduce group programmes and/or courses into her offerings within the next 18 months, I ensure that everything we create supports that.

A fun exercise that you could do when mapping out your vision, is to create a vision board. Print out pictures, pull cutouts from magazines and create a visual board that you can see at all times. Think about the lifestyle you want to lead as well as your business vision.

3. Set out your big picture goals

Your goals should break down your vision into smaller more manageable chunks. When mapping out your goals, I recommend doing this for the year. Plan yearly goals that support your bigger vision for your business.

You’ll then want to further break these down into 90-day and monthly goals to make them easier to achieve.

Goal setting is not a step that should be missed and as with all of this, it’s not something that should be done once and forgotten about. You need to constantly revisit your goals so that you not only remember them and keep them fresh in your mind but you may find that they change along the way too.

4. Define Your Values

Your brand values are uncompromising guiding principles that articulate what you stand for in your business. They should be the primary driving force behind your brand, business and decisions.

Values define what is most important to you and your business and they should be used to guide and influence any choices you make. Defining your brand values isn’t something that should be done merely as a checklist exercise. They should be carefully thought through and infused into all that you do from your message, to your offerings, to your marketing and so much more. By keeping your core values at the forefront of your business, you will ensure that your business is moving forward in the right direction.

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