Hi, I'm Louise, Brand Designer and Marketing Strategist for Creatives, Coaches and Consultants

I work with ambitious women in business to define their brand, increase their visibility and grow a successful business online.

After working with clients solely on their branding and web design, I realised that so many clients were unsure of what to do next. They had an amazing brand identity but the client's weren't coming. If you don't have a marketing strategy and visibility plan in place, then your investment in branding is isn't worthwhile.

I have 10+ years experience in marketing so it made perfect sense to combine my two skills. I love that I get to work with business owners not just on the visual aspects but the strategy aspects too.

Fleurir Creative is a brand and marketing strategy and design studio for creatives, coaches and consultants. Owned by me, Louise Rowland, I'm passionate about helping ambitious women in business build their brands from the inside out. 

What started out as a branding and web design studio in May 2016, has now transitioned into a complete brand and marketing consultancy for ambitious online service-based business owners ready to up-level their brands.

Meet Louise...

Hi, I'm Louise! brand designer and marketing strategist for ambitious women in business.

I’m also a wife, sister and mum to two gorgeous children, Dominic and Margot. I’m doing this for them, and YOU! 

I’m extremely passionate about helping ambitious women in business create and grow visible, thriving and sustainable businesses that defines their own version of success. Through a blend of solid strategy, striking branding and strategic marketing, I believe that anyone can have the business and life they want. As long as they show up and be consistent.

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Meet Louise...

I feel so lucky to be doing what I love, helping women in business to build the brand of their dreams and create a life of freedom. 

With a background of over 10 years working my way up to becoming a Marketing Manager in various corporate roles, I created Fleurir Creative to combine my strategic marketing experience with my creative branding experience. I work with online service-based business owners to elevate their brands via solid strategy, striking branding and strategic marketing. 

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Meet Louise...

When I'm not working with amazing women in business, you will likely find me performing mum duties and spending time with my two gorgeous children. They are the reason I found the confidence to create this business of mine and to go it full time. 

Aside from being a mum, I absolutely love catching up with friends and family over good food and good drink. Give me a huge plate of pasta with a glass or three of Prosecco anytime.

I relax by catching up with some of my favourite TV programs, usually reality TV or losing myself in a good book in a hot bubble bath. 

Back to the beginning

A unique blend of strategy, branding and marketing, the Flourish experience is perfect for the online business owner who is looking for a complete done for you offering.

If you're ready to rebrand and want a clear strategy, client experience and marketing plan, this is for you.

Three month Branding and Marketing Experience




I'm ready to flourish

The Bloom experience is a one-day brand and marketing strategy intensive for ambitious entrepreneurs looking to accelerate their marketing activity and therefore their business. 

Getting clear on your marketing strategy and visibility plan will give you the clarity and confidence to grow your business.

One-Day Brand and Marketing Strategy Intensive




I'm ready to Bloom

The Blossom Experience is for online business owners in the early stages of business or experienced business owners seeking clarity on a particular topic.

These one-hour sessions will focus on a particular topic relating to your brand and marketing with action steps to move your business forwards.

brand and marketing Consulting power hour




I'm ready to Blossom