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One of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs making in their business is launching and running a business without having a strategy in place. Instead of focusing on the long term strategy, they pull together a logo and a website, put together their services with prices that have often been plucked out of thin air, create a profile on all the social media platforms and then just hope for the best. 

Now this solution may work for a while but it’s not sustainable. It’s not the key to running a successful online business as a creative, coach or educator. In fact, it’s not the key for any business. 

In this free 5-day course, you’re going to learn the five steps that I take my clients through when they work with me on the Flourish experience. After my clients work with me, they go from confused and overwhelmed to clear and confident in their brand and their marketing strategy. 

by working with me, my clients have the know how, visual identity and strategy in place to create a sustainable and successful business that allows them the freedom to live the lifestyle they desire

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Here's What I'll Be Teaching

Lay your brand foundation

step one

Get clear on your mission, your vision, your goals, your USP, your ideal client and the transformation you give to your clients. 

step Two

Develop your signature offer

Have one signature offer that you promote above everything else. This is the high-level package that you want to book out.

step Three


Your brand identity is the online storefront of your business. It needs to represent who you are, speak to your ideal client and showcase the level of work that you provide.

step Four

Create your marketing strategy

You can't run a business without a marketing strategy. This step is essential for the growth of your online business. 

step Five

Build your visibility plan

Break down your larger goals into smaller steps and create a visibility plan that you stick to. This plan will detail how you reach your goals and the steps you need to take to get there.

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