Consulting Power hour

Are you stuck on a particular marketing topic? Do you feel that you could do with an outside perspective? These consulting power hours are perfect for business owners who need an outside perspective when it comes to marketing their business.

During this one hour session, we will discuss one topic that you need guidance on. This could be anything from feedback on your website from a user experience perspective, advice on how you can improve your blog to meet your business goals or guidance on a particular marketing channel. These are just some of the topics that we can discuss. 

After your consulting power hour, you will leave feeling more clear on your topic and you'll have action steps to keep you on track.

This is perfect for you if you are...

An online service based business owner - CREATIVE, COACH OR PERSONAL BRAND


that's  me!


stuck on MARKETING YOUR business and need guidance from a MARKETING CONSULTANT


this is me...

How it works:

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1. Think of one question that you need help with
2. Click the button below to book in your session and schedule a time
3. Fill out the questionnaire so I can learn more about your business
4. It's time for our call 
5. I'll send you action steps from our meeting to get you on track


*I list my prices in British Pounds because I’m based in the UK, but I work with clients all over the world. Use a currency converter like this one to find out how much the investment will be in your own currency!


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