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Meet Louise...

Hi, I'm Louise! Brand Designer, Marketing Strategist and owner of Fleurir Creative. Through The Flourish Experience, I help women, just like you, all over the world to create a long lasting brand that not only looks good but also meets your personal and business goals.  I also love educating small business owners on all things branding, business and marketing.

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Meet Louise...

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I feel so lucky to be doing what I love, helping women in business to build the brand of their dreams and create their life of freedom. 

With a background of over 10 years working my way up to becoming a Marketing Manager in various corporate roles, I created Fleurir Creative to combine my strategic marketing experience with my creative branding experience. I work with businesses in the wedding and lifestyle industries to elevate their brands via strong messaging, a cohesive client experience, striking branding and strategic marketing. 

Meet Louise...

Want to know some fun facts?

When I'm not working with amazing women in business, you will likely find me performing mum duties and spending time with my two gorgeous children. They are the reason I found the confidence to create this business of mine and to go it full time. 

Aside from being a mum, I absolutely love catching up with friends and family over good food and good drink. Give me a huge plate of pasta with a glass or three of Prosecco anytime.

I relax by catching up with some of my favourite TV programs, usually reality TV or losing myself in a good book. 

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5 Digital Marketing Strategies for your Small Business

Digital marketing is a term that adopts a wide range of marketing activities from social media, email marketing, content marketing, online advertising, SEO and more. It’s easy to see why small businesses can get overwhelmed and confused by which digital marketing avenues to pursue. I want to try and demystify these digital marketing strategies and […]

Jan 22, 2018



SEO for Wedding Businesses – On-site SEO Tips for Your Website

As a branding designer and marketing strategist working with businesses in the wedding industry, I know how difficult SEO for wedding businesses can be to understand. You only have to type in questions such as ‘How to do seo?’ or ‘What is seo?’ and you are met with a ton of complicated articles that will […]

Aug 2, 2017


Marketing, SEO, Websites

Why I Offer Both Branding and Marketing Strategy Services

You’ve probably ready many a blog post and listened to many a podcast telling you to niche down your offerings, to be a master of one service and that’s not necessarily untrue. For some businesses. When I started planning the creation and launch of Fleurir Creative, I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want […]

Jun 1, 2017


Branding, Business, Marketing

5 Platforms I’m Using to Grow My Creative Business

As a creative business owner it’s so important to make time to work on your business. Working with clients, it’s so easy to spend all your time working in your business but then how does your business grow? What happens when the time comes to stop working with your current clients? How will new clients […]

May 30, 2017



Why Re-Branding Alone Won’t Grow Your Business

So this is a bit of a controversial subject for a designer isn’t it… Well read on… There’s a common misconception that by investing in new branding, you’ll automatically bring in your ideal client and therefore magically grow your business. I’m here to tell you why this isn’t the case. Think of this situation… You […]

Apr 26, 2017


Branding, Marketing

Why Your Small Business Needs A Marketing Plan

I wrote a post recently on why your small business needs a marketing strategy. If you haven’t read it yet, go check it out and then come back over here. Today I’m going to be explaining why your small business needs a marketing plan. Firstly let me start by saying that whilst a marketing strategy […]

Apr 20, 2017



5 Steps to Kickstart Your SEO

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear SEO? Boring? Complicated? Technical? If you have a blog or a website then you are more than likely to be aware how important SEO is for ranking high up in Google searches and therefore increasing traffic to your website. However chances are that […]

Apr 12, 2017


Marketing, SEO

Why Your Small Business Needs a Marketing Strategy

Have you put together a marketing strategy or marketing plan for your small business? If you haven’t why not? Perhaps you think it’s not relevant for a small business such as yours? Perhaps you just haven’t had the time? Or perhaps you don’t know where to start.

Apr 4, 2017



A Beginners Guide to Google Analytics

If you have a website or a blog then you may have heard of Google Analytics but don’t have it installed. Or perhaps you haven’t heard of it. Either way, this post is going to be perfect or you. Throughout this post, we’re going to look at Google Analytics from the absolute beginning… Let’s start […]

Mar 7, 2017


Marketing, Websites, WordPress